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Performance to Architecture

Early involvements with live-theatre, radio and television provided initial background for Richard McCann’s understanding of performance and presentation technology. Holding the belief that each design assignment offers unique circumstances to feature the latest techniques in presentation, Richard has dedicated years of architectural practice to the design of performance venues, single and multi-purpose, large and small capacity, fully enclosed as well as amphitheatre tradition.

Major projects include the Fox Center for Performing Arts, Riverside, CA (1700 seats). The “H”-Street Theatre complex in Sacramento for California Music Circus .

Design for Audiences and Performers

As principal of R.F. McCann & Company, Richard has defined an approach to designing for the performing arts that reaches from the artistry of event presentation to production technology. Characteristics of each project include enriched performer-audience relationships with seating form innovations and a theatrical experience rich with innovative presentation strategies.


For more than 40 years Richard has established attributes RF McCann & Company projects that distinguish the work of the firm:

– Design and business approaches unique to performing arts clients;

– Performer-audience relationships between stage and seating based on specific presentation mediums;

– Audio, visual and scenic technology improvements through vendors, artists, consultants, and clients;

– Maintaining and attracting attendance by emphasizing enjoyment and comfort of the audience;

– Maximizing availability of performance product for audiences by matching accommodations and production capabilities to seating capacity and income potential through ticket sales;

– Developing facilities that support event programming to enhance community life;

– Developing facilities that contribute to redefining urban centers through new and reused heritage structures.