R.F. McCann & Company is a specialty-design firm that blends architectural services with engineering for performance and entertainment.

Services are evolutionary, based on a continuity with presenters and performing artists over two architectural generations. We are sensitive to talent, production teams and to the members of each audience. Projects for performance are our passion. Our list of projects is our legacy.

The portfolio of adapted, restored and new projects by R.F. McCann & Company Theatre Architects has been recognized and awarded for design adaptations as much as for cutting edge invention.


Richard McCann is involved throughout all phases of each major project. Richard’s leadership influences decision making about production, presentation- appropriate seating, and all forms of audience amenities. We acknowledge that audience enjoyment depends on the perceptions of the senses and audience comfort relies on physical accommodations.

Design Process

A theatre, a concert hall, or corporate presentation space each have potential and present socially unique challenges. Understanding expectations of such facilities calls for design that should never be routine or approximate. To house presentation successfully and avoid misconceptions and mistakes demands knowledgeable and sensible planning coupled with expertise in production and performance.

Comprehensive understanding underlies our design services. We believe event-facility design should be more than a collection of specialties. To this end we address new-facility start-up and focus each project toward the requirements of sustainable, affordable and financially successful operation.